Level Up as a Data Analyst

Your gateway to data extraction, wrangling, and big data expertise

(3-Day Workshop + 1 Project)

26-28 June 2019  |  Kelana Jaya, Malaysia

Course Overview

Data analysts are being held back by traditional data analysis tools and techniques. Data is growing at an unprecedented rate and traditional tools like MS Excel struggle when it comes to manipulating and analyzing all but the most basic of datasets. Also, because most data is only available in a raw, unstructured form, and using traditional tools to massage these data for analysis is cumbersome, data analysts are unable to extract value out of such data or even apply modern data analytics on it.

Modern data science analysis benefits greatly from a multi-tool approach. It’s about choosing the right tools for the job, automating and scripting repetitive tasks, and treating data analysis as an iterative process rather than a one-shot throwaway endeavor. We believe that all data analysts should be fluent in SQL, a scripting language like R or Python, and data visualization. Tools like MS Excel, Tableau and other similar offerings can also be added to the mix if and when required.

The goal of this course is to carve a pathway to success for data analysts. The big ideas in this course are data wrangling, automation and scripting, the data analytics process, and big data.

We will bring these ideas to life by developing real-world data analytics projects using tools and techniques (SQL, R, data wrangling, modeling, etc.) that will be covered during the course. 

Are you asking these questions ?

  • How do I reliably collect and manage my data?
  • How do I manipulate and transform my data into an analysis-ready form?
  • What is a good way to structure my data and reason about it?
  • How do I start exploring and visualizing my data?
  • What is predictive analytics and how can it help me?
  • What big data technologies do I need to take my data analysis to the next level?

This course is ideal for people whom are engaged in some form of data analysis and who are from these departments: Marketing, Digital, Finance, Human Resources, etc.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand the full data analytics pipeline, and be familiar with programming tools to accomplish the different portions  
  • Be able to collect data from unstructured sources and store it appropriately using relational databases, graphs, etc  
  • Know how to explore and visualize your data
  • Use predictive analytics to get even more mileage out of your data
  • Learn how to communicate your findings in an reproducible way  

Learning Objectives

  • Clean and manipulate data, and combine multiple sources of data to unlock new analytics use cases
  • Use modern data analytics and leverage big data for deeper analysis of data 
  • Expand the repertoire of tools available to data analysts 

Workshop Methodology

  • The workshop consists of lectures, hands-on exercises and projects
  • Participants are required to actively engage with the hands-on component
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptops for the training
  • The training session will be for a maximum of 18 persons and held at our training center in Kelana Jaya  

Level Up as a Data Analyst

Your gateway to data extraction, wrangling, and big data expertise

(3-Day Workshop + 1 Project)

26-28 June 2019  |  Kelana Jaya, Malaysia